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Skip the long line option was made available for 2020 events, our company did not offer anything of the such during 2019, that was another company, you can find more about that company on the Facebook page “the lights fest scam” which is owned by colin larsen of utah and david knight of utah/arizona.  We don’t run that Facebook page either.

We recently noticed one of the many names that the lights fest, now the lights, used was our name, which they then changed their name multiple times after that, with their latest name being the lights.

We are not them but are constantly being falsely harassed for the scams they pull. They’re not even a legal business and are partnered with china hostile takeover companies and others.

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Light The Night is an event company that travels around America hosting Sky and Water Lantern Festivals.

We also provide services for Birthday Parties, Weddings, Celebrations, and Corporate Events.

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