Our Festival Is Based On Positivity And Health

When creating the company we decided it would be kept religion free, and based on positivity and the law of attraction, how they really work and not the false theory of what positivity and being positive means.

Far to many people think hard times means your life is bad, when that’s not true. Hard times are temporary unless you make them permanent. We really do have control of our life, and many times we let others convince us our life sucks because that’s how people keep you down. When you take control of your thoughts, you can take control of your future.

I’ve been an abused child, a teen mom then through domestic violence, stalked, kidnapped and almost killed, my ex was murdered, and my and my children’s lives threatened. I was in a cycle called revictimization, and it took me many years to get my thinking right and take control of my life.

I first came across positive thoughts and the law of attraction through domestic violence support groups. They had us to make vision boards with things we wanted in our lives and work towards accomplishing those goals. It wasn’t until looking back through a Facebook photo album I had also created called “virtual vision board” that I noticed that I had actually gotten everything listed in it that I wanted without even realizing it.

A few months later I met a wise woman just beginning to create a positive and body positive movement and I joined in. During this entire time I still had to deal with stalking and death threats, even constant homelessness because of the dv and stalking. Those were some pretty hard times at that time to deal with while trying to be “positive”, and that’s where the real lesson came in. Thinking I had to put up with the chaos others were bringing into my life otherwise I wasn’t remaining positive. I was worried and stressed and she told me, that positivity is also removing toxic people regardless who they are, not allowing others to walk all over me and thinking I had to put up with it. Standing up for yourself is very positive action. That I already had all the answers, I just needed to quiet my mind to hear them. As soon as I got this concept down, I flipped the script of my life and took control back and not giving it up.

Fast forward a couple years, I’m making my wish at the Lantern Fest to give me the strength to make it all completely stop, as we were still being stalked. I got my wish granted, not even remotely how I wanted it to work or thought it would work, but it did. I had still been allowing some bs to continue as I overworked myself and two days after the Festival I was in an accident that completely changed my life. The bones in my left leg shattered into pieces in an odd spot leaving me to go through emergency surgery. I now two long metal plates in my leg, and 9 or more screws, an long incision scars on both sides of that leg and ended up in a wheelchair for 6 months because my other legs ankle couldn’t hold all my weight on it’s own after fracturing it the previous year and not staying off if it to heal. I didn’t know if my bones would be able to heal correctly where I could walk again or if I’d end up in that wheelchair forever. Those 6 months showed me exactly how strong and determined I was, and also exactly how much I let others still walk all over me. I accepted that if my leg didn’t heal that I would still be ok but I wasn’t giving up.

Because of the severity I was on pain medication, the surgeon switched me from one medication with no side effects to another that caused hallucinations, that wasn’t fun, eventually my body adjusted and there were no issues until he tried to switch me again, this time to tramadol and I flat out refused to switch because chemical wise, they’re far worse to take than hydrocodone. When I refused to switch he cut me off cold Turkey and refused to see me again even though my leg was staying swollen and hurting non stop. I went two weeks in severe pain with no medication until I was at least able to raise hell, and I did raise hell, to get a referral for physical therapy. Luckily when I started physical therapy my therapist discovered what was causing all the pain and swelling in my leg, and by simply feeling my leg. I had a bunch of water pockets, which she busted, and instantly the pain was gone, from that anyways 🤣. What came next was so many months of grueling therapy, some days I didn’t think I was going to make it. I had to relearn how to walk. You really dont think about walking until you have to, you just walk. It’s like you’re a baby again learning how to move your move foot correctly so you dont end up with a limp, and how to regain balance, strengthening your muscles again that weren’t used for so long. It was so hard at first but my therapist wouldn’t let me give up, and kept reassuring me I had it and could do it. And I did. It got easier and easier and I’m back to walking again. I still have pain and swelling at times, there are things I may never be able to do again but I’m still going to try. I also removed every toxic person that I had allowed to still have access to my life and cut it all off. I firmly stand up for myself and what I believe in and dont put up with controlling types of behaviors out of others.

And here I am. I dont blame the Lantern Festival, it was a beautiful thing to experience that words cant describe. These events are beautiful and after you go to one, you want to attend another, so I decided to create my own Festival, using positivity and the law of attraction and how it actually works, which does include hard times at times. Those hard times are meant to make you stronger and show you how you are. I got my wish, but it required my accident to get me to that point. Such a harsh lesson doesn’t come to everyone, each persons wish is different and requires different things that may come easy, but if you dont believe in it, in yourself no matter how much you wish, you will never reach it.

You have to love yourself, believe in yourself, and stand up for yourself. You’ll go through bad times but you’ll  be ok and will get through them. Part of that sometimes is releasing past loved one who are no longer with us. We send our love through our Sky Lantern Festival, and we release our loved ones and light their way on to peace with the knowledge that we are ok, and it’s ok for them to rest, through our Water Lantern Festival. Both are a good way to send our dreams, wishes, and goals out into the universe to help us accomplish them.

Health is a big factor in our creation. You have to be healthy to accomplish your goals. Being healthy also makes you more happy. Being out in nature is both good for you and is very grounding mentally. I gained a lot of weight in that wheelchair unable to exercise and on pain medication. I’ve dropped most of it with exercising and with detox smoothies my family created. Don’t worry I’ll never try to sell you exercise programs or weight loss anything but will simply share with you. I’m also not going to try to force a vegan diet on you as I’m not a vegan. I may share some hilarious workout videos with you because my cat loves to leap and attack your legs while working out, and we’re partnering with Ambassadors that are health and exercise focused to share, for free. And obviously you can completely ignore all of it as we’re not into forcing things on others.

Each Lantern Festival means something different to each person, we are all different, and different isnt a bad thing, we’d be utterly boring if we were all the same. So hold true to who you are no matter what storm comes your way, stand up for yourself, and when in stressful situations remember, you got this, calm your mind and the answers will light it’s way, but only if you believe, especially in yourself!

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