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2024 Water Lantern Festivals

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Light The Night

Water Lantern Festival

Experience the enchantment of a magical evening at our Water Lantern Festival! Join us as we gather by the water’s edge to celebrate love, hope, and dreams, all illuminated by the gentle glow of floating lanterns.

As the sun begins to set, you’ll be captivated by the serene beauty of the scene. Each participant will receive a beautifully crafted lantern to personalize with their wishes, dreams, or messages of love. Together, we will release these lanterns onto the water, creating a breathtaking display of floating lights that reflect upon the tranquil surface.

Immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance as you watch the lanterns dance upon the water, carrying with them the hopes and aspirations of all who participate. The soft glow and gentle ripples create a serene atmosphere, perfect for reflection and connection.

Our Water Lantern Festival is a celebration of unity, community, and shared experiences. It’s an opportunity to come together with friends, family, and strangers alike, to embrace the magic of the moment and create lasting memories.

Whether you’re seeking a romantic evening, a moment of tranquility, or simply a unique experience, this festival promises a captivating and unforgettable journey. Join us as we ignite the water’s surface with light, love, and dreams, and let the beauty of floating lanterns leave you in awe.

Note: It’s important to ensure that the event is conducted in line with safety guidelines and environmental considerations, such as using biodegradable lanterns and adhering to proper disposal methods. 

Event Locations

Featured Locations

Indianapolis, IN

May 25th, 2024

Reno, Nevada


Los Angeles, CA


New York City, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

All sales are final, however, you can use them at a later date, or sell them through our Official Fan 2 Fan Exchange Program to be used at other locations.

A little rain (sprinkles) won’t stop the event. However, if severe weather is forecasted we will always put safety first. In the event of a forced reschedule tickets automatically move over to the new date.

If you can’t attend the new date you can hold onto your tickets or sale them.

Our event is only open to those participating which requires a ticket.

If you accidentally delete the email with your tickets, please reach out to our LTN Team Support.

Check-in times will be listed in your event packet.

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