If you have a question that isn’t listed, please drop us and email.

We follow the weather forecast closely leading up to the event, If the weather isn’t clear enough for a safe lantern release, the event will be rescheduled to a later date. We will post important updates on our Facebook event page so be sure to click that you’re going so you will get notified faster.

We work with federal, state, and local officials, fire marshals, and have an ambulance on site if needed to ensure our event is executed safely and legally. We have received permits to light and release the lanterns in designated locations. 

No, bringing your own lanterns are not permitted! Our lanterns are used for their eco friendly material and for their burn time for safety and collection. If you would like to purchase extra lanterns, you can pre-purchase them online when buying your ticket and they will also be sold at our merchandise tent at the event.

No, all ages are welcome! For safety and legal reason, we require parents to keep up with kids while attending the event at all times. Please leave all footballs, soccer balls, etc, at home. We will have games and a bounce house for kids and adults for entertainment. Children under 13 are not permitted to light their own lanterns so you will need to light your lantern for them to release.

We open the venue early afternoon for participants to enjoy a relaxing day full of music and entertainment. For an exact time, check your city’s event or Facebook page to see when gates open! Launch times vary by time of year and location, and after sunset.

Launch time varies by the time of year, the location, and usually 30 minutes after sunset. 

We only use venues where onsite parking is available, parking fee’s should be paid when you purchase tickets to make sure you get a space to park. 

Yes! ADA Parking information is provided by the venue, and we recommend coming early to the venue to make sure all requirements are met.

No, outside food or drinks are not permitted unless otherwise stated. We will have plenty of food vendors, and bottles of water can be purchased at our merchandise tent for a dollar. If you have a specific dietary concern, please contact us.

Adult tickets include a wristband for entry, a lantern, a marker, a lighter, and a box of sparklers. Kid’s Passes (for children 4-12 years old) a wrist band but does not include a lantern.

Yes! The easiest way to earn free tickets is to send us details for venue locations willing to hold our events. 

For the safety of pets and all participants, please leave your fur baby at home. Service animals are allowed, but we don’t suggest it since there’s lots of people, loud music, active children and will be mentally stressful on your service animal.

All lost items are taken to our check in tent. If you’ve already left the venue, you can call or email for help finding any missing objects!

First check to see if Lantern Releases or Fireworks Displays are allowed, then call or email us. If you know the perfect venue to hold the event even better, send us their details and we will contact them. 


Refunds are only issued if we fully cancel an event, rescheduling an event doesn’t constitute cancelling.  We pay out to hold the events, with venue and all other fee’s having to be paid a second time for the reschedule date.

If you cannot attend a reschedule date, you’re welcome to sell your tickets, or transfer them to another close event to you. 

We’re always interested in partnering with companies and individuals.

If you would like to be considered as a performer, please send us a sample of your music.

If you would like to set up as a Vendor, please go to our vendor page and fill out and submit our online vendor application.

We welcome sponsors, and it’s a great way to get your company, brand, etc more publicity, and contribute to family events, if you would like to become a sponsor please give us a call or send an email.

We only allow small pocket books, into our events for safety reasons. We suggest you lock items in your vehicle’s trunk out of plain view.

Light The Night is a for-profit business that believes in giving back, so we donate a portion of our proceeds to our many charity partners. If you would like a charity to be considered, send us an email with their information.

Yes! We have security at all of our events.

Proposals are not allowed at our events without purchasing a proposal package and only after a consultation. Other festivals allow them for free.

NO!!! This would be a private event that you would need to hire us for. You would need rent the venue, and apply for the permit if one is needed where you live.

NO!! We do not allow any private event during our festival. This is something you would have to hire us for, and rent your own venue, and obtain any permits required.

NO!! We do not allow out of state attendees to prevent competing companies from attending our events to spy or cause problems.

NO!! choosing to drive to another city to attend an event is the decision of the attendee to do so to attend our event. 

YES!! Burn Bans are due to weather conditions, and are illegal to ignore.

NO!! choosing to drive to another city to attend an event is the decision of the attendee to do so to attend our event. 

General Admission Tickets are required to enter our festival, we do not allow free spectators.

NO!! Kids are not allowed to enter our festivals alone, and all adults are required to purchase a general admission ticket to enter.