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Beware of Justin Kinny and Whitney Slagerman

To All businesses, women,Festivals, city, county, state police, fbi, homeland security, etc. Beware of these two individuals. Justin Kinny hides behind the Facebook profile Jay Fitzgerald in Minnesota and is constantly targeting, harassing and threatening businesses and women. His profile likes are full of guns and porn and fits the profile as a possible mass shooter. He is mentally unstable and may have firearms. Our events have numerous security officers and police officers to end any threats immediately, however, many Festivals and events do not have enough security or especially armed security which puts them at risk. We have a pull of over 10+ thousand security members to use for events and they are armed. This individual starts onto women and businesses and then brings his girlfriend Whitney Slagerman in to help him. Both have criminal records and whitney is currently on probation for assault. Justin has more than one past drug charges and his behavior says he is still using. We have contacted the fbi, and police departments, the Governor of Minnesota, Moms Demand Action Minnesota Chapter, and Minnesota legislators, especially the ones in favor of the red flag bill there. We are pro 2nd amendment, and being that requires mentally unstable individuals like this guy to be turned in so police can stop them before they harm others. Not everyone should be allowed to have a gun. We will be contacting miss slagermans probation officer today and informing him of his offenders actions helping Kinny and getting the address so they can serve her with the restraining order we have filed for against them both. We will be updating this with more screenshots of such behavior towards others since this is a constant thing.

Here are there photos to watch out for and to share with others to watch out for.

Whitney also kept referring to our events as the company that has been trying to force others out of business and whose water lantern festival has an event scheduled where they live. We’ve been told she is connected to them. These two aren’t the first who connected to the competing festivals who have came on our Facebook page lying to discourage attendees from buying tickets. You can view current lawsuits between their water lantern festival and another festival here

And the counter suit against them

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